Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8, Shelley

John and his wife saw the little girl and went up to talk to her. They found out that she was the king's daughter.

The little girl was so happy that John and his wife chased after her just to make sure she was ok, that she told her father about it.

The king was so happy to hear that they had went to look after her daughter that he told them that they could have all the chocolate in the world that they wanted, so that's what they got. They would receive as much chocolate as they could want for the rest of their lives, because the king owned all the biggest chocolate companies in the land because of his daughter's love for chocolate.

When they told John and his wife about having all the chocolate in the world, all John could do was sit down, sigh and shake his head.

April 8--Mir

And there, off in the distance was the little girl, no longer surrounded by monkeys in the forest, but standing there on the steps directly in front of the palace.

John's wife simply smiled seeing her in front of the palace, and John looked down still wondering who this girl could possibly be.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7, Shelley

And his wife said to him, let's go on an adventure. We have to save her! John, had that look on his face that said, "seriously?!" Did she not just realize what all he had been through. He groaned, but could not help but give in to his wife.

And so it was, this time it was the two of them on a journey to save the girl. John just hopped it wouldn't take forever, like last time.

They knew what they had to do now. The decided the best way to find this girl is to be like a bird. They had to see from a bird's eye persepctive or maybe they could even find the girl from up above, considering she was carried away by a huge bird. It was time to do some serious hang gliding.

So off they went into the skyline. But what is this? They see something off in the distance...could it be?

April 7--Mir

His wife looked up at him frail and pale. He bent down, brought the sweet cocoa to her lips and she breathed in the refreshing, fragrant scent of the chocolate.

He could see the life slowly coming back into her, and her skin was no longer sickly, but glowing and radiant.

John breathed a huge sigh of relief to see his wife looking so much healthier and considering that he had just run across the country and the city, he was quite tired.

He began retelling his adventures to his wife, and when he mentioned the little girl her eyes lit up...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6-Shel

John was so shocked, that all he could do was stare with his open gazed mouth and say, "Woa"

Well, John felt relieved about the little twerp in more ways than one. He was glad he got the chocolate back, but he didn't feel the need to go after the twerp anymore, because the kid was screaming excitedly, "Whooo hoo," the whole time he was riding the dragon.

He was so happy, that he had his chocolate. He laughed a little to himself, and continued his journey to help his wife.

John started to run, he ran through a field of flowers, went flying through the concrete jungle, went soaring to new heights, and even went over a boiling lake of lava, all for his beautiful wife.

Then John saw his wife, laying on the ground, as pale as white chocolate. He knew what he had to do.

April 6-Mir

But just as he was about to reach and grab the little twerp when he heard a big whoooshing noise from above. He looked up and saw a huge dragon with two travelers upon his back. The dragon swooped down and grabbed the little twerp, and the chocolate fell out of his grasp onto the ground.

John snatched up the chocolate and watched the little twerp fly and the dragon fly away into the distance.

Now that he had the chocolate, he could focus back on saving the little girl and his wife!

April 5-Shel

Then John saw him, there he was that little twerp. He had been waiting for John all this time. Just looking cute and innocent, with his hands behind his back hiding the chocolate behind his back.

But John still couldn't help but think about the little girl that was carried away. He felt bad for her. He decided that he was going to go after her on a journey once he had gotten the chocolate and gave it to his wife.

Now John had to figure out how to get the chocolate from the little twerp.